Tips: how to prepare for ACE2015

As ACE2015 Career Fair is fast approaching, we have prepared some useful tips to help you better prepare for this important day of your career.

Tip #1: Set a goal. At ACE2015, you can do much more than handing in job applications and resumes. Interacting with your potential hiring managers, recruiters and company representatives from prospective employers is a very important approach to help you better understand your career options and exciting opportunities ahead. Are you looking for a permanent full-time after graduation, or 4-16 months of co-op/internship, or a summer job? Are you exploring different industries and companies to discover the best fit? What is your goal and priorities, and timeline to achieve the objectives? You need to make a plan to make your day effective.

Tip #2: Do some research. Many job seekers go to career fairs with a “window shopping” attitude, and therefore are ill-prepared to answer commonly-asked questions such as “what do you know about us” or “why are you interested in working with us”. Do some background research on ACE2015 employers, check out their company website as well as LinkedIn and Facebook pages, learn more about their products and services, and think about why you might be interested in working there, and what makes each company unique and different.

Tip #3: Prepare some questions. One of the most valuable aspects of a career fair is the opportunity to ask employers questions. Asking thoughtful, focused and open-ended questions can demonstrate your level of interest and knowledge of the companies, and can also help you stand out and leave a positive impression. Good questions should be highly relevant to the job/career you are seeking for, and often are pertaining to specific companies. Avoid asking questions of which answers can be easily found on the Internet. Bring a pen and notebook with you.

Tip #4: Create/update your resumes. Take time to review your past experience and create/update your resume, which should accurately highlight your achievements in the past. Don’t have paid work experience? No problem. Think about your past volunteering experience, extracurricular activities (such as your involvement in student organizations), and even interesting course projects. Use our Resume Template to create a professional-looking resume. Also, great resumes are targeted to specific jobs. Check out our Job Postings when creating/updating your resume!

Tip #5: Practice a self introduction/career pitch. One of the most commonly asked interview questions is “tell me about yourself”. This question is translated into “tell me why we should hire you”. Therefore, you should prepare an answer that highlights your educational background, work experience and passion that are relevant to the job you are seeking and the career you are pursuing. Your answer must be brief (interviewer’s attention span is often short) and providing a convincing story that you are a great candidate for the job. Think of the self introduction as an “elevator pitch”: make people interested in you in a short period of time.

Tip #6: Be presentable. Your choice of attire, personal grooming and hygiene, and the care (or lack of care) you place in your overall presentation can say a lot about who you are, what is important to you, and whether you take your career search seriously. Business attire is a safe choice, and over-dress is better than under-dress. In addition to your physical appearance, project your confidence and maintain eye contact when talking to people. One last note: be yourself, don’t pretend to be someone else.

We hope that the above tips would be helpful, and wish you best of luck at ACE2015!